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One-on-one training courses for financial professionals

Financial Professionals are required to be proficient in a multitude of disciplines and functions. PRN Advisory & Tax Services offers a diverse range of one-on-one training designed to equip financial professionals with the expertise and knowledge for them to execute their responsibilities and duties efficiently at the highest level.

The training will cover a wide spectrum of disciplines, so if you are in search of a specific course and it is not listed on the site, get in touch with us to request your training needs so we can gain a better understanding of what to facilitate in the future.

Training successes

Very detailed, informative especially helpful with SARS queries, and PR Niven still calls when I have queries and their follow up and feedback is consistent.

Renette Van Niekerk
National Heavy Haulage

I would recommend the training as every Company has to deal with VAT!

Zeni Nickols & Nandie Lewis
HSP Group

Very clear, precise and informative presentation, and the follow up connects are very helpful!

Michelle Stephens

We had issues with VAT and PR Niven’s training was extremely helpful in that regard.

Stella Lenia
Chapman Freeborn

I have attended similar courses but this one was far better as PR Niven is knowledgeable regarding our business and knows us on a personal level, which made the answers to our questions clear, precise and understandable.

Mary Van Der Merwe
Kazimingi Nursery & Marketing (Plants)

I have not been on many courses but found this one very knowledgeable, professional the way it was presented and they were quick to follow up any questions I had proposed and feedback thereafter.

Caireen Thompson
OneLogix (Pty) Ltd.
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