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Powering Up Food Manufacturing with Diesel Rebates

Powering Up Food Manufacturing with Diesel Rebates

In the wake of South Africa’s 2023 Budget Speech, there’s a significant ray of hope for the country’s manufacturing industry, especially food manufacturers grappling with the ever-looming spectre of load shedding. The Minister of Finance’s announcement regarding a diesel refund, limited to 80% of the Road Accident Fund (RAF) levy, has been extended to food manufacturers who use diesel to generate electricity. Let’s explore what this development means for the food manufacturing sector.

Empowering Food Manufacturers with Diesel Rebates

South Africa’s food manufacturing sector has long been a pillar of the economy, but persistent power challenges have hindered its growth. The diesel rebate extension comes as a lifeline, offering the following advantages:

  1. Cost Relief: Diesel is a substantial operational cost for food manufacturers. With this rebate, manufacturers can expect significant savings, which they can reinvest into business expansion, innovation, or personnel development.
  2. Reliable Power Supply: By using diesel to generate electricity, manufacturers can ensure consistent production, reducing downtime and the financial losses associated with load shedding.
  3. Competitive Edge: Lower operational costs can lead to more competitive pricing, potentially increasing market share and profitability for food manufacturers.

At PRN, we specialise in helping South African businesses navigate the complexities of government incentives and rebates. Don’t let load shedding stifle your growth and potential. Contact us today to learn how we can help you leverage the diesel rebate.

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