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Employment Equity – The details and when and how to submit

Employment Equity – The details and when and how to submit

Employment Equity broadly refers to workplace implementations to avoid employment barriers, fix past discrimination, prevent future obstacles and improve access to fair work by members of all levels and occupations in the workforce. The Employment Equity Act, enforced by the Department of Labour, is the law that protects you from unfair treatment and any form of discrimination, promotes equity and sees that all employees get equal opportunities.

Employers who employ 150 or more employees must report annually, and those who employ less than 150 must report bi-annually. However, this year, all employers must submit their Employment Equity reports to the Department of Labour by the first working day of October.

Depending on the number of employees, employers are required to complete official documentation and reports that include a detailed capturing of information that could include:

  • Employer details
  • Workforce profiles
  • Occupational categories and levels include numbers of employees in different positions, employees with disabilities etc.
  • Workforce movements including recruitment, promotions, terminations and termination categories.
  • Any disciplinary actions or measures taken.
  • Skills development in terms of training provided.
  • An approximate assessment of your employment equity plans that detail the medical goals, resources etc.
  • A culmination of your progress report on attaining the goals set in your employment equity plan.

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